Magnum Research 22 WMR Target Trigger Assembly

$ 139.95

Special trigger calibration for the Magnum Research 22 WMR Winchester caliber.
Professionally tuned 2.75 lb. crisp, clean trigger release with a snappy, quick trigger reset. Other features include: 1) Polymer contoured target trigger with OTTO over-travel adjustment screw and matching hex key wrench. 2) Quick engagement bolt lock lever and quick release action. 3) Custom 5-piece stainless steel oversize drift pins to removed trigger play while adding service longevity. 4) 21-point parts lubrication for long service intervals included. 5) Special hammer shock buffer. 6) Radial trigger plunger and spring. Satisfaction guaranteed: 1,000 day parts and labor warranty. 30-day money back guarantee included.


Method of payment: Use your MC, Visa, Amex, and Discover cards via PAYPAL. We will email you a PayPal invoice. No credit card service fee. PayPal membership registration not required. Postal money order, Walmart cashiers check is also acceptable payment.


Get Money Back. We are buying used Ruger 10/22 trigger assemblies in good condition that may be used against the purchase of any Hornet Trigger here on eBay. For a quote, send them via 1st class postage to Hornet Products TRO, P.O. Box 1664, Sarasota FL 34230. Include you name, address, and email address. Payment will be remitted via PayPal or business check. Good triggers go for $33. Newer polymer trigger assemblies preferred. Any and all triggers will be mailed back to you free of charge if the offer is not accepted.