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Date:  July 16, 2014.  Formerly hornetproducts.com is now ruger1022triggers.com

Our specialty is high performance triggers for the Ruger 10/22 rifle/carbine and Charger.  Over 10,000 have been made since the company was founded in January, 2001 where we started stores on eBay, Amazon and Hornet Products. Our triggers are well known and unique for their outstanding performance at reasonably modest prices.  To appreciate our trigger, you have to fire live rounds with it at a paper target in comparison with your factory trigger assembly.  Every trigger is custom tuned and fitted by hand, the old fashioned way.  The results are group sizes as small as 1 M.O.A. using match grade ammunition.  The trigger release is crisp, light and silky smooth.  The advertised trigger release is dead-on accurate verified by using precise dead weights suspended from the trigger clamped to a vise.  Guaranteed.   Plus a 12-month warranty for parts and labor.


Contact information:

Hornet Products

P.O. Box 1664

Sarasota, Florida 34230-1664

Telephone Orders or Customer Service:  (941) 351-1319