Ruger 10/22 Hornet Custom Stinger 2.25 Trigger - Billet Aluminum Color Alternatives

$ 239.95

Special Edition Hornet Custom Stinger Trigger
Optional accessories included: Billet aluminum satin silver, blue, , black glossy or green wraparound extended magazine release and trigger. Select color choice: Any combination.


Our Most Popular. Best Seller. Highly Rated.

"Crisper than a Kidd single-stage. Very impressed." jameslyons1978.

Special Edition, one-of-a-kind, high performance all-around trigger group:
Hunting, target shooting, fast-action shooting sports.
Drop-in ready, custom-made trigger assembly for the Ruger 10/22 LR rimfire rifle. Instructions included. No gunsmith required.

  • Match grade quality. Very crisp 2-1/4 lb. or less trigger release. Zero takeup. Zero creep. Zero trigger play.
    Better than 8 ounces less than a Timney for $100 less money.
  • The ultimate varmint & squirrel hunting trigger where pinpoint accuracy and fast on-the-mark followup accuracy is required.
    A favorite choice of IPSC competition marksmen.
  • Qualifications and Experience Level Recommended: High


    Hand built custom features:

  • Model: Hornet Custom Stinger 
  • Exclusive Hornet Custom ZTUO feature: Zero take-up. Zero creep. Zero trigger-play. No trigger thud.
  • Generation II Ruger hammer, sear, & disconnector custom matched, tuned, and meticulously hand-fitted.
    Factory polymer housing and modified trigger contour.
  • Stainless steel drift pins and custom trigger pivot pin pack for smoothest trigger release without trigger play.
  • Hornet Custom Fast-Action Automatic Bolt Lock & Release Kit.
    Fast cycling, hitch-free auto bolt lock & release for hassle free hunting or competition shooting.
  • Polished radial trigger return plunger and light-weight compression spring.
  • We smooth-out the coarse factory safety motion.
  • 27-needle point lubrication procedure included.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30-day money back, excluding postage. 12-month unconditional warranty.
  • Since 2001: More than 10,000 satisfied customer trigger sales. No sales tax except Florida.