Hornet Custom Fast-Action Competition 1.80 Trigger Assembly for Ruger 10/22

$ 199.90

Hornet Custom Fast-Action Competition Single-Stage Adjustable Trigger Assembly for Ruger 10/22

Ultra-smooth, match grade quality trigger release: Only 1.80 lbs. guaranteed verified accurate measurement using suspended dead weights.  This one of the best no frills high-performance triggers on the market regardless of price.  

  • ZTUO option included: Zero trigger play. Zero take up. Zero pre-travel. Single-stage.  Every pull is crisp, clean and consistent.
  • Adjustable OTTO overtravel adjustable trigger w/wrench
  • Adjustable pull from 1.80 lbs. to 2.75 lbs.
  • Automatic bolt lock and quick release.   
  • All parts are professionally hand fitted and lubricated.
  • 5-piece stainless steel drift pins.  Removes trigger play.  Smoother trigger release.
  • Special Order:  3-5 days required to build ready to ship.
Application:  Competition rated.  Single-stage fires on contact.  May be considered a "hair trigger".  Fully experienced marksmen knowledgeable of firearm safety rules and procedures. Not for use by beginners. 


Guaranteed Satisfaction: 30-day money back guarantee less postage. 12-month unconditional warranty. 

Yes! We will $Buy$ your trigger assembly:
Send us your trigger assembly for $33 cash or credit towards one of our Hornet Custom Triggers. It must be in good working condition, with no missing parts. Upon examination we will send you a check or credit towards one of our better trigger assemblies. If it is substandard, we will return it to you no charge.