Hornet Custom Black Max O.D. Green Ruger 10/22

$ 149.95

  • Butter-smooth trigger release.  If you shoot off sand bags on a bench, you may prefer this trigger.  It is designed for a deliberate pull where you want to ride the trigger.  Otherwise, the standard Black Max trigger has a smooth, yet sudden (crisp) type of break.

Best Seller & Best Buy:  One of the most acclaimed high-performance match grade trigger assembly for the Ruger 10/22.  Custom tuned and hand fitted the old fashioned way.  Butter-smooth trigger release: Only 2.25 lbs. Optional ZTUO option included:  Zero take up.  Zero trigger play.  Zero creep.  For seasoned rimfire shooting sportsmen trained and experienced with safety precautions.  Not recommended for beginners or casual use.  Application:  Target shooting, fast-action competition shooting and small game hunting.  The best all-around performing trigger available on the market at half the price.  Guaranteed light trigger release:  Smooth, precise, and consistent.  Accurately measured 2.25 lb. trigger release bench tested and test fired with live ammunition (check marked).  

Drop-in Ready:  Not a parts kit.  This is a completely functional integrated trigger guard assembly professionally fitted and turned.  Hand made to order.  Installation instructions included.  Phone assistance available.

Warranty & Customer Service: 12-month warranty covering parts and labor, excluding postage deduct.  Fast turnaround service and repairs.

Optional Accessories Included:  Five (5) piece stainless steel trigger, hammer and sear pins.  Quick lock/release lever for faster handling and convenience.  Internal shock buffer to mitigate hammer slam.

International shipping:  Not permitted.