Hornet Custom ACE 1.50# Pull Bench Rest TGA Ruger 10/22LR

$ 249.50

atures stunning ultra-light trigger action for the Ruger 10/22.  Lightest trigger pull available in the semi-auto market.  Limited production:  Hand crafted - Only four (4) units available ready to ship.  Best application:  Bench rest target shooting from a table top on sand bag rests with the rifle pointed down range at a paper target.  Fires one round at a time.  Trigger characteristics:  1.50 lb. pull, no creep, no take up and no trigger play.  Special feature:  Adjustable trigger pull set screw w/hex key.  Range:  - 0 oz /+12 oz.

All parts are professionally tuned, polished, and matched for superior performance.  Fully lubricated.  Fast customer service.

Option A:  Base trigger assembly:  Polymer housing.  Curved polymer trigger w/OTTO overtravel trigger adjustment and hex key provided.  Ruger contoured extended magazine release in polymer.  Custom tuned hammer, sear, disconnector, fitted and polished for high performance.  Quick lockup/release bolt lever.  5-pc. stainless steel drift pins set for ultra smooth trigger action.  Shock resistant hammer buffer.  Unit price:  $249.50 each.

Option B:  Base trigger with flat face target trigger polymer. Unit price:  $249.50 each.

Option C:  Base trigger with cast aluminum curved color trigger in choice of silver (6), black (7), OD green (6) and blue (2).  Unit price $249.50 each.  Select color.  Email us at hornet224@comcast.net

Warranty:  1,000  day parts and labor.  30-day money back guarantee, less postage.

Sales tax:  None

Shipping:  USPS First Class Mail.  Priortiy Mail Option:  Priority mail available.

Payment:  PAYPAL where you may use Visa, M/C, Discover, AE and others.  No membership required - internet secure payment.  Plus, USPS and Walmart money orders.

Order Assistance:  Select Option A, B or C.  Email you selection to hornet224@comcast.net or dial 941-359-1319 or leave message for call back.

 New product listing dated September 29, 2023.

Get Money Back.  We are buying used Ruger 10/22 trigger assemblies in good condition that may be used against the purchase of any Hornet Trigger here on eBay.  For a quote, send them via 1st class postage to Hornet Products TRO, P.O. Box 1664, Sarasota FL 34230.  Include you name, address, and email address.  Payment will be remitted via PayPal or business check.  Good triggers go for $33.  Newer polymer trigger assemblies preferred.  Any and all triggers will be mailed back to you free of charge if the offer is not accepted.