Volquartsen TG2000 TGA - Like New - Professionally Tuned

$ 278.00

This TG2000 is a premium high end single-stage TGA.  Condition:  Like new, less than 120 rounds have been test fired.  We disassembled the unit, cleaned and lubricated all the parts and carefully fitted the parts together for improved performance.  Before:  It had a 2.5 lbs trigger release and a long take-up/pre-travel.  Now:  We have dialed out the pre-travel and the trigger release measures 2.25 lbs. and breaks clean.  This is significantly better than stock.  Warranty service by:  Volquartsen Custom.  30-day money back guarantee.  Accessories (1) Long hex key wrench for trigger play adjustment.  Last one (1).  5/7/2023.