Hornet Custom Rimfire Hunter 3.0 Trigger Assembly Ruger 10/22

$ 119.95

Best Value Trigger on the market for the money!  Trigger release is only 3.0 lbs.   Extended magazine release and automatic bolt release included.  New upgrade January 22, 2022:  No trigger take up or trigger play.  Fully assembled and drop-in ready.  Complete installation instructions included, plus email & telephone support. 

Application:  Hunting triggers need to have a heavier trigger release without trigger play for small game accuracy in the field.  The pull should not be too light so that you have full control and should not have any take up that delays x-ring accuracy.  Therefore, the trigger is ready to release the moment you are sighted in on the target.  Of course, it is imminently suitable for carnival/gallery/tin can targets. 

If you are dissatisfied with the spongy factory trigger release that breaks like concrete at 5-6 pounds, this is the lowest priced solution to that problem.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Bonus offer:  Get a $33 trigger rebate on your old trigger after you buy the Hunter/Plinker Special.