The M U S T A N G Trigger Ruger 10/22 LR - 25% OFF

$ 99.99

The "problem" with the factory Ruger B-2C trigger assembly is substandard accuracy and handling at the firing line.  Standard trigger pull is 6.5 lbs. and breaks like concrete.  It is not what you had expected.  The MUSTANG Trigger has a custom-made light, but safe 2.75 lb. release without trigger take up or play commonly known as a "mushy" pull.  The MUSTANG is hand-fitted using recycled classic blued steel trigger parts to create a smooth and consistent break that has superior accuracy on a paper target 50 yards downrange.  

Each trigger is fully lubricated, bench tested and then test fired to verify functional performance and specifications.

A modern Ruger extended magazine release and standard bolt lock lever is included.  This is a fully assembled drop-in  trigger guard assembly.  Not a partial parts kit you have to assemble on your own.  Bonus feature 1:  OTTO overtravel trigger option included with hex key adjustable wrench.  Eliminate trigger travel resulting in better control and accuracy.   Bonus feature 2:  Preinstalled shock buffer to mitigate hammer slam.  Bonus feature 3:  New blued steel drift pins (7).  Color:  matt black polymer housing, trigger, and blued steel parts meeting factory machine tolerances guaranteeing fitting accuracy when installed to an OEM Ruger cast aluminum registered receiver part (not included).

Warranty:  12-months parts and labor. 30-day money back guarantee excluding USPS postage and handling.  Turnaround service:  7-days.  Guaranteed to handle better and shoot more accurately than a Ruger-BX trigger or your money back.

Introductory Offer:  Limited quantities due to parts availability.

No sales tax exc. FL 7%.