Mil-Spec 223 FCG Trigger Parts - Best Value - On Sale!

$ 79.95 $ 240.00

New from Hornet Products.  This is a high-performance trigger kit for your popular .223 caliber semi-auto black rifle.  Three years in development.  Special introductory offer.  $20 off retail price limited time offer.

Trigger release pull weight:  Only 4.0 lbs. +/- 1/8 lb.  Fast single-stage "butter-smooth" clean breaking trigger release and snappy positive reset.  No take-up.  No pre-travel.  No trigger play.  Professional precision crafted fitted polished parts.

Comparable to a Giselle trigger for 1/3 the cost.  Guaranteed satisfaction.

Application:  Perfect for recreational target shooting off-hand or from the bench, hunting, and competitive sport shooting.  Not for bump-fire or full automatic applications.

Fully lubricated for long service life.  Full power hammer and trigger springs mil-spec heavy duty performance.  Tool steel construction.

Easy drop-in installation.  2-part trigger subassembly includes sear, sear spring, trigger return spring and .153" trigger pin.  Hammer subassembly includes full power rebound spring and .153" hammer pin.

Bench tested for reliability and measured trigger performance as specified.

Satisfaction guaranteed.  30-day money back guarantee. 

Warranty:  12-months parts and labor.