Replacement Hornet Custom 6-pc Stainless Steel Trigger Pivot Pin Pack Ruger 10/22

$ 18.95

Replace Ruger 10/22 LR or Magnum blued steel drift pins with new precision-machined stainless steel pivot pins.
This set will make a smoother trigger release and fit much better than factory blued steel pins. New hammer, sear, disconnector pins, bolt lock, magazine release pin, ejector pins are oversized to effectively reduce the amount of trigger play.
Have a spare set available in your tool box.
Product number: DPK+SS.

Replaces the following Ruger part numbers:

  • KE02800: Disconnector Pivot Pin
  • B-19: Hammer Pivot Pin
  • B-21: Trigger Pivot Pin
  • B-35: Bolt lock, magazine release, ejector pin. (2)
  • Slave Pin: Temporary B-21 Pin used for trigger parts installation only.

Installation of these pins requires knowledge and experience to disassemble and reassemble the trigger parts properly. Instructions not included. Otherwise, a gunsmith is advised. Isometric Diagram included for installation.

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