Mil-Spec 556x45 Trigger Group 3.5 lbs. Single-Stage Enhanced + Trigger Adjustment Screw

$ 94.95

Hornet Custom High Performance Single-Stage Trigger Group 5.56/.223
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This is the most cost-effective and the best accessory for your custom build. 

  • Original LBE Mil-Spec Trigger Group parts that are custom hand-fitted, polished and lubricated.
    Just Right Trigger Pull: Crisp/clean 3.5 lbs. or less. No creep, no gritty take-up, no spongy trigger pull.
    Lyman digital scale measurement.
  • Reduced power hammer, trigger and sear spring parts kit included.
  • Custom grip screw trigger adjuster parts kit included.
  • OEM mil-spec spring set (3) included.

Application: Hunting, recreational and target shooting. 

This is one of the best performing trigger groups on the market that is done right and performs as claimed.  Light 3.5 lb. trigger pull that literally breaks like a rod of glass.  Yet robust enough to withstand thousands of rounds of heavy duty use.  Single-stage release for competitive shooting that breaks instantly on contact.  Bench tested then test fired with 20 rounds of ammunition.

Easy Installation:

Allow 20 minutes if it is your first time. 

DIY youtube Video:

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back: 
30 - day money back guarantee.
Return printed packaging materials.
12-month warranty parts and labor.