Hornet Custom Black Max 2-Stage Target Trigger + OTTO for Ruger 10/22 SALE

$ 174.95

New Product Custom Features:
  • Two-Stage Target Trigger with OTTO Overtravel Trigger Adjustment Option.  Hex wrench included.
  • 1-1/2 lb. short first-stage trigger take-up.  3/4 lb. (12 0z.) second-stage trigger release.  Overall:  2.25 lbs.
  • New Hornet trigger calibration June, 2018.  Consistent, clean, reliable, ultra crisp trigger release.  
  • Exhibits striking trigger action.  One of the best regardless of price.  Designed to beat your shooting competition.
  • Auto bolt lock/quick release included.  Extended magazine release included.
  • 5-piece stainless steel drift pin set.
  • Radial trigger return plunger with lightweight spring.
  • 21-point parts lubrication program included. 
  • Test fired with live ammunition.
  • Special Order: Seven (7) business day wait time before shipment.
  • Limited stock.
  • Drop-in ready, custom-made trigger assembly for the Ruger 10/22 LR rimfire rifle. Instructions included. No gunsmith required.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30-day money back, excluding postage. 12-month unconditional warranty.
    Since 2001: More than 10,000 satisfied customer trigger sales. No sales tax except Florida.


    Yes! We will $Buy$ your trigger assembly:
    Trigger Rebate Offer:  Send us your trigger assembly for $33 cash or credit towards one of our Hornet Custom Triggers. It must be in good working condition, with no missing parts. Upon examination we will send you a check or credit towards one of our better trigger assemblies. If it is substandard, we will return it to you no charge.