HORNET CUSTOM 2-Stage 2.50# Pull Black Target Trigger Ruger 10/22 & Charger

$ 159.95

Limited Edition Promoted Listing.  No trigger rebate.offer.

Hornet 2-Stage 2.50 lb. pull Target Trigger w/OTTO.  Special Limited Edition custom made trigger.  Compact 2-stage trigger pull:  2.0 lb. 1st stage, 0.5 lb. 2nd stage.  Application:  Small game hunting and target shooting.   Guaranteed to exceed you expectations.  Beat your shooting competitors for bragging rights or to win your club competition if you can do your part.  Black polymer housing, black polymer contoured target trigger w/OTTO - Overtravel Target Trigger Option is included with adjustable hex key wrench.  All parts fully lubricated with high-performance oil and grease for long service life.  Standard Ruger OEM bolt lock lever.  Optional Auto bolt lock/release lever.  Add $10.  Ruger OEM polymer extended magazine release.  Hornet Custom exclusive double-shock hammer buffer installed.   Satisfaction Guaranteed or all your money back, including free return postage.  Warranty:  12-months parts and labor service directly by Hornet Products.  Fast 7-day turnaround time.

Prop not included